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*** Fill the mailbox with romantic cards. Both serious and humorous.

*** Take a favorite photo of the 2 of you + 2 pillowcases and bring it to your local mall, where the kiosk that does iron-on transfers for mugs and wallhangings, should be able to copy the image onto pillow cases.

*** Offer a 'sexless', romantic date. Be flirtatious, charming, and otherwise irresistable. But when they go to make 'that move', gently and kindly inform them that you wanted to simply have an 'old-fashioned' date. - From there, it will up to you whether or not you 'give in' then, or the following day, as a 'surprise'!


*** Do something that they nag you about and you still never, normally, do.

*** Give them a card in which you mention your 'firsts', together. Such as the location of your first date, the  first restaurant you went to, your first song, where you first kissed, ...

*** Find out what their favorite food was when they were growing up and either make it or bring it home, as take-out.

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