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As housework
Is never done,
Establish a time
To stop
Enjoy your family.

How many times have we heard that very true saying  that 'Housework is never done'?
So true, not simply for housewives, but also for  househusbands and those working women or men who are primarily responsible for the running of the home and caring for any minor children.

So, are you one of those folks who go non-stop with errands, picking-up, cleaning, cooking, shopping, helping with homework, and... until you collapse in a chair or bed... only to begin the cycle all over again, the next day?
And, do you try to enlist your spouse (and children) in your little 'army', despite any protests (logical or not)?

Do you shoot down any requests to simply relax and perhaps cuddle on the couch with a movie? To play a board or video game with the kids? To share a spousal shower? To hit the hay, early, so that you and your life's partner can become re-acquainted with your romantic sides?
YES? So, what is the official reaction from the rest of your family? Are they thrilled? Do they jump in to help you with all of their heart and soul? - Unofficially, do they drag their feet or ignore you? YES? But, you still carry on, because you sincerely believe that the house must be pristine and all chores completed before you are entitled to some well-deserved R&R?

Well, I have a newsflash for you: You're not only missing out on years of enjoyment that can never be recaptured, you are driving a major wedge between you and your spouse. One that at some point in time could become permanent.
Not that there is an excuse for cheating on your husband or wife, but one of the top reasons for folks doing that is an obsessive homemaker who never stops for spousal/ family downtime.

If you are so compulsive because you are purposely attempting to avoid spending 'face time' with your family, then you had best begin working toward resolving any problems which cause you to react in that manner. Whether that menas you see a professional in the field or you and your family decide to deal directly with your concerns is pretty irrelevant. The bottom-line here is that you need to do something.

If you are simply a compulsive cleaner, then seek help for that.

Whatever the reason, you will eventually discover family members deciding that they no longer want to spend time with you! Especially if you eventually decide to jump off of the merry-go-round that you designed, built, and have been riding upon.

One technique that can prove of value to a compulsive housewife or househusband is that of literally scheduling time to spend with your spouse/ children. Once time with them becomes an 'official' part of your week's calendar, it becomes so much easier to 'give in' and relax with them. (Just as making a savings account deposit a part of your household budget, allows you to build that nestegg for some future goal.)

Hiring a maid or a local, unemployed teen, senior, or househusband/ wife to give you a hand around the house, several hours a week, might not be so difficult to budget for.
And, there is nothing inherrently wrong about family pitching in so that everyone can veg! (That also means that you cannot afford to be compulsive regarding  tasks being accomplished per your precise directions/ tastes.)

Not to sound morbid, but haven't you heard about spouses who lose their partner, only to lament the lost moments which could and should have been shared? I have news for you! Whether or not they verbally express that sentiment, the overwhelming majority of folks have that reaction, when facing  the death of their husband/ wife.
What's the point of having a family if you cannot enjoy them? And, they, you?

Bottom line, is that unless you make the time now for your family, they will lose their interest in you, you will eventually burn out, you will find yourself on the receiving end of a divorce decree, find your spouse in the arms of someone else, or...
And, anyway... Don't you deserve some R&R? And, perhaps, some lovin'?

'Nuff said!

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