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As with children,
Do not belong in
Your marital bed

Hold on! - I know that many of you are shaking your head and saying something akin to: "Russ has finally lost it! I know that he is right on when discussing 'the obvious' matters which impact marriages, but isn't this a little 'too obvious'? Stupid, even?"

Think what you will, but rest assured that this is a real issue for some couples.
Many adults, especially those who were never married before or who were childless, have formed intense & special relationships with their pets. - While nothing is inherently wrong about that, once you are married, your spouse is supposed to take the 'priority spot' in your life.

It's one thing to say that your pet is a part of your family. It's a totally different matter to invite them to stay in your marital bed. Granted, that you and your companion might have spent years together sharing the same bed... And, that changing this pattern could be difficult, for both of you.
But, know that if you do not make the bed the 'sacred' zone for you and your spouse, there will be problems.
-- Face it: Not many folks are comfortable being intimate while a tail is wagging in their face. Or, hearing the cat meow in sync to a loud orgasm.Then, there are potential allergy issues. And...

You might have noticed that I also mentioned children sharing your bed.
While allowing a young child to very rarely share your bed might be okay, it is not healthy for anyone involved, if that becomes a habit. I have known women who allowed tweens to regularly share their mattress and tell their husbands/ boyfriends that they needed to 'get over it'. Often, this appears to happen with those who were single parents for some time before re-marrying.

Sexually intimate moments are not the only reason for having the bed be an 'adult' zone. -- Bedtime is often the time when couples have completed their daily responsibilities and can freely discuss important matters. -- It is also a time for non-sexual intimacy. As well as 'shared down-time', as in reading or watching television, together.

The bottom-line is that you and your partner in life need to reserve the bedroom for your comfort and pleasure.
'Nuff said!

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