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Appreciated gifts
Are those which the recipient
Truly desired.

"Duh!" - That's what I expect many of you to be thinking, right now. - "I know that you like focusing on 'the obvious' in life, but isn't this a tad too much?"

But that wouldn't be their thoughts, perhaps, if your husband or wife were reading this. Come on! Be honest. Haven't you ever bought your spouse something because you thought that they would like it? Even if you knew instinctively that they wouldn't? And, how did that work? I don't mean their obligatory gushing and thanks. But, did they ever use the gift without being reminded to do so?

Wives, have you ever decided that your hubby needs to get some more fashionable work cloths? Maybe a striped shirt? Brighter ties? And, did you truly care that he might have winced some when you presented him with these gifts?

Husbands, when you showered your wife with kitchen appliances that she didn't even hint about wanting, did you find her overly affectionate or otherwise grateful for your efforts?

Fact is that far too many times we know instinctively what our spouse would like for their birthday, anniversary, or a holiday, yet we don't want to get them that item. Sometimes it's a matter of the cost of their heart's desire. But, much more frequently it's because we believe that they should have something else.
All of  which is pretty obnoxious when you think about it. Even if we do believe in our heart of hearts that they might or should appreciate the item, a gift should be something that they want.

Don't you ever get upset when the gift is not what you have hinted about? Or, outright asked for? Why should they be treated differently?

"But isn't there a place for broadening my spouse's horizons? Introducing them to something different?"

Of course there is. But it's all in how you do it. -- If you know that they wanted a new necklace or golf club, then get them that, if you can, and add the other item.

Many people do feel hurt when they get a gift that they know that you know would not be appreciated. (How's that for a sentence?)

Bottomline, folks, is that you need to remember that Golden Rule, when gift giving. And, remember that you want a sincere smile and a wonderful 'Thank You' from your wife or husband. -- Who knows? They just might say show their appreciation in a special way, come 'alone time'!

'Nuff said!

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