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There is always time to get them
An anniversary or a birthday card.
But, not always the desire to.

So, how many times have you heard someone complain about their spouse, male or female, who forgot to give them an anniversary or birthday or even a Valentine's Day card?

And, how often have you heard the 'offending spouse'  attempt to defend themselves by stating 'just how crazy' things have been at work or at home? That traffic was a 'killer'? That the card shop only had ones which were not expressive enough of their love for their betrothed? Or...

Fact is that we tend to do what we want or is expected of us by someone whom we wish to please. So that when we 'forget' that anniversary. Or, we 'forget' to pick up the dry cleaning. Or we 'forget' that we were supposed eat at our in-laws, so that we made other plans... We are almost always lacking the desire to please that other person. Or, at best, we want them to be happy, but just not as much as we want ourselves to be pleased!We might hate to admit that fact. But, it is a fact for many folks.

Often, we also look at these omissions as a sort of a 'payback' for a real, imagined, or overblown 'hurt' inflicted upon us by our wife or husband.
One of the problems with this behavior is that the spouse doesn't really know this is going on. So that your intended point gets lost. And, only a new resentment on the part of your spouse remains.
Not too bright, huh?

Birthdays, anniversaries, religious holidays, and so on, are not... Let me repeat the word 'not'... Situations where you should be planning a 'payback' move.
Conversations, on the other hand, are the perfect locale for that release of tensions and clearing of the air. And, in case you need reminding: bedtime, or rushing out the door time, or as the big game is about to start time, are not the times for heavy discussions.

So, show your partner in life some respect and, hopefully, love. - Don't forget the cards or other tokens of your love, respect, and commitment.

'Nuff said!

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