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Birthdays or anniversaries,
Speaks volumes.
As horror stories.
Not as romantic epics.

We've all heard the story before.
The man forgets that it's their anniversary, or Christmas, or her birthday. Until all stores are about to close. So he whips out a used something-or-other from under his car seat and presents it lovingly, if not nervously to his beloved. And, is surprised that his wife is not bubbling over with excitement and gratitude. And, that she is 'not in the mood', later on.

Let me set the record straight. As true as this picture is for some men, there are also women who do the same things.

Now, the most common excuses are that they remembered but had a super-stressful day and forgot the real present at work. Or, that they forgot it when they went out for lunch and someone stole it. Or, that they had to special-order something special that simply had not yet arrived. Or, that everyday is so special with their spouse, why bother celebrating just 1 day?

The bottom-line is that it hurts your spouse. Big time. - They are not being babies. They are being loving adults who wanted that special expression of reciprocated love and affection.
And, no matter how stressed out or busy you were, you could have purchased the proper gift and card, weeks ago. Right? Right!
Your lack of consideration could be about anger or resentment that you hold told them for real or imagined wrongs. Or, frustration over unresolved issues. Or...

The bottom-line is that whether or not you have valid reasons for purposely not wanting to commemorate this special occasion, by your actions, you are likely going to make the situation worse. Or, if the reason was simply that you are too self-absorbed, don't expect loving actions by your spouse.

As obvious as this situation is, I am never surprised to hear that a spouse ignored a special occasion and had the audacity to expect loving that day (night... ).

So, get with it! Be a loving spouse! Show them with special words and deeds. They need and deserve it. Period.

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