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Dress Appropriately

Perhaps they sincerely enjoy

The way that they look and dress.

"How embarrassing! I could not believe that you would show up at my office, looking like that? Take a little pride in your appearance, will you?"

"When they said, 'dress casual', they did not intend for you to arrive looking like you were ready to go beachcombing!"

"I did not appreciate you showing more cleavage than a stripper!"

"No one wears a crew cut anymore unless they are military. And you were never that brave."

Okay. We have either heard variations on those statements or we actually made them ourselves, at some point in time.
From simply 'overhearing' these statements, one cannot truly know whether or not the person spoken to was, in fact, inappropriately dressed. Without knowing the details of the situation, ranging from 'where', who was there, what type of event it was and... we are at a loss.

But how often have we criticized our spouse for their attire when they might not have been given all of the details of the place to which they were showing up?
And, perhaps our sense of appropriate attire might the one amiss; not that of our love's.

Then, of course, you have marriages where each partner has a very different sense of style. You know... The husband is conservative. Maybe owns 1 pair of jeans. While the wife lives in comfortable, relaxing clothing. - Perhaps the man or woman has a great body and enjoys 'showing it off'. Not to really attract someone new to them. But simply  they are proud of still looking great at their age. And it feels good to them, when they can 'semi-flaunt' it.
Now, of course, there are those folks who do not have the body to be wearing what they often do, in public. The man who appears to be 9 months pregnant with man boobs, who wears a cut-off tee shirt and shorts. Or, the woman who is sagging greatly but wants to imitate Britney Spears in her attire.

But, all of this begs the real question. Do they enjoy wearing what they wear? Is it truly situationaly inappropriate, as in wearing cut-offs and a tube tank to an office meeting with the Board of Directors? Or, wearing a suit to a beach party (as in Adrian Monk-style)?
If it is truly and objectively inappropriate, then, by all means le them know. But in a caring and helpful manner. (So no telling them that they look like a tramp! Or fuddy-duddy.)

If it is really a matter of style, but still basically appropriate to the occasion, what is so terribly wrong with them wearing the outfit that they chose? How would you enjoy someone cutting you down to size based upon your appearance.

Fact is that people almost always dress as they are most comfortable doing and how they believe others would admire them. So, if their attire is simply not your style but otherwise okay, then let it go. There are certainly more important issues with which one could begin a couple's dispute.

'Nuff said, don't you think?

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