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Even within the same faith,
People often believe
Something different.

Obviously, this is a special time for people of faith.
For Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists...

Unfortunately, as much as couples often unite during these holy times, many face a period of great tension. One reason? Each spouse is of a different religion. (More on that, another time.)

Another reason for stress? Each spouse is of the same religion, yet different denominations. Each with a different take on the same holidays. Or, how one should pray, live their life in a holy manner, or...

Look at the role models, unfortunately, that many folks have. One only need to examine past years in Ireland, current strife in Israel, and even daily tension among Christian denominations here in America.

Because they were of the same religion, you probably did not have serious discussions with your fiancee regarding prayer, house of worship, and celebration of holidays. Perhaps you did discuss these matters, but your parents or in-laws have decided to chime in with their points of view.

What impact does this have on your children? What of step-children of a different denomination?

This time of year carries with it great stress in terms of finances, weather, and more. Especially so, during these hard economic times.
Religious discord is the last thing that any of you need. - So what to do? Try living what is probably the essence of your faith: Doing good, loving your neighbors and family, honoring the goodness that God wants you to live your life by. - Respect and defend your spouse's method of prayer and living their faith.

I remember years back watching a Nickelodeon news special with Linda Elerbee. She was discussing faith with teens. I'll paraphrase one young man's take on God and different religions and getting to Heaven. He said that he thought of Heaven as being at the center of the world. And, did it really matter if we got there by walking, flying, biking, running, boat, or... As  long as we got there and was kind to others on the way?
I realize that this is simplistic and possibly offends some of you. But, remember that you are probably your religion and denomination simply because you were brought up that way or because  a special person in your life convinced you to join them.
Wouldn't a loving God expect you to be loving?

'Nuff said!

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